CrisisReady is based at Harvard University and Direct Relief, and collaborates with academic partners, technology companies and response agencies around the world to embed data-driven decision-making into local disaster planning.

Through an international collaboration of researchers, technology companies, nonprofits and policy makers our team develops scalable expertise in Data Readiness, Methods Readiness, and Translational Readiness, by securing data pipelines that provide actionable analyses to meet pre-articulated needs defined by policy makers and response agencies.

Scalable expertise in
Data Readiness
Methods Readiness
Translational Readiness
for equitable and transparent crisis planning and response.

Data Readiness

We help to identify and analyze large scale data required to respond to disasters, prior to crises, so that timely access can be pre-negotiated among data brokers and response agencies. 

Methods Readiness

Data needed during public health emergencies varies widely in origin, representativeness, temporal scales, and spatial granularity. Through our international partnerships we are advancing frameworks for standardized analysis and meaningful interpretation of these disparate data streams.  

Translational Readiness

Even when high quality analyses are available, response agencies often do not have embedded local capacity to drive data driven response. We promote translational readiness through training, strengthening data and tools repositories, supporting communities of practice, and facilitating policy development.  

CrisisReady provides a dual PLATFORM + NETWORK  solution co-developed by and for researchers, government agencies, disaster response teams, and data providers, to improve health emergency response globally.

Our PLATFORM data repositories and tools are developed in concert with diverse research and response teams worldwide – including both data providers and users of data. Our NETWORK of practitioners, which is comprised of the global Community of Practice, ensures that key stakeholders constantly inform our collective work and mission.

Our Team

Our interdisciplinary team spans academia, nonprofits, technology companies, legal experts, and government.

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