• A Year in Review:
    CrisisReady’s 2023 Annual Report

    We are thrilled to share our 2023 annual report with you!

    The report offers a comprehensive look at our impact, highlighting our team’s research, reporting efforts, and events from the past year.

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  • New Situation Reports:
    Hurricane Otis

    CrisisReady’s latest reports analyze how damage from Hurricane Otis relates to shifts in population densities and the status of healthcare facilities in Acapulco, Mexico.

    The reports highlight the disaster’s long-term effects on healthcare infrastructure and population movements in the most affected areas.

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  • Shaping the Future of Crisis Management in Central America

    At the Mitch +25 Forum in Honduras, over 200 experts gathered to examine and advance crisis management in Central America, discussing innovative strategies for resilience and collaboration post-Hurricane Mitch.

    Explore Key Findings
  • Protecting Privacy in Mobile-Based Disease Modeling

    New research from the CrisisReady team presents a new way to keep people’s personal information safe when studying how diseases spread using mobile phone data.

    The research confirms the method’s effectiveness in securing personal data while preserving its analytical utility.

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  • Establishing the Mutual Commitment Framework to Accelerate Data Collaboratives

    Andrew Schroeder, Co-Director of CrisisReady, co-wrote a working paper about how the MCF streamlines data collaboratives and in turn fosters faster, more efficient emergency responses.

    Download the Paper
  • Introducing Climateverse:
    An Initiative to Revolutionize Climate Research & Policy

    Leveraging the power of generative AI and open-access data, Climateverse establishes a comprehensive digital ecosystem to advance evidence-based climate action.

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  • How CrisisReady’s Novel Framework Can Help Us Better Respond to Crises

    CrisisReady researchers present two case studies that demonstrate how the team has negotiated access to privately-held data in emergency response initiatives, all while balancing information security and public health utility.

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CrisisReady, a collaborative initiative at Harvard University and Direct Relief, advances data-driven decision-making in public health emergencies worldwide, combining analytical methods, research, and practical expertise.

CrisisReady is based at
Harvard University &
Direct Relief

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