• New Situation Reports:
    Devastating Floods Strike Libya

    Tropical Storm Daniel struck the northeastern coast of Libya on September 10th, causing floods that have killed thousands.

    In response to this disaster, CrisisReady is publishing situation reports to analyze population displacement metrics and other key data as agencies continue recovery operations.

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  • Strengthening Brazil’s Approach to Internal Displacement

    In 2023, Brazil grappled with a complex emergency response situation, exacerbated by a series of intense disasters and internal displacement.

    CrisisReady and UNHCR convened a workshop in São Paulo, focusing on refining data collection and utilization in the context of internal displacement.

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  • New Situation Reports:
    Earthquake in Morocco

    A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck near Marrakesh on September 8, representing the most devastating tremor the country has experienced in many years.

    In response to this disaster, CrisisReady is producing situation reports to support response operations in the aftermath of the quake.

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  • Introducing Climateverse:
    An Initiative to Revolutionize Climate Data Accessibility in South Asia

    Leveraging the power of generative AI and open-access data, Climateverse establishes a comprehensive digital ecosystem that drives evidence-based climate action, with features that allow users to customize search queries and research questions to meet their specific needs.

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  • How CrisisReady’s Novel Framework Can Help Us Better Respond to Crises

    CrisisReady researchers present two case studies that demonstrate how the team has negotiated access to privately-held data, while balancing information security and public health utility.

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  • Navigating Data Challenges for Climate Adaptation in Southeast Asia

    Southeast Asia is one of the most vulnerable regions to the impacts of climate change. Extreme weather events and changing weather patterns have already having a devastating impact on the region’s environment, economy, and people.

    This post examines the challenges and opportunities of climate adaptation in the region.

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  • A Glimpse into the ‘Regional Coordination, Data, and Human Mobility Workshop’

    Natural disasters are becoming a greater concern in Central America, putting the health and security of vulnerable communities at risk.

    CrisisReady, Direct Relief, and CEPREDENAC hosted a workshop in Nicaragua to enhance Central America’s emergency response capacities and address this critical issue.

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CrisisReady, a collaborative initiative at Harvard University and Direct Relief, advances data-driven decision-making in public health emergencies worldwide, combining analytical methods, research, and practical expertise.

CrisisReady is based at
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