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CrisisReady works with international agencies, governments, NGOS, and technology companies to implement Data, Methods, and Translational Readiness for response to health emergencies and disasters around the world.

The key activities which enable impact include curation of data repositories, technical support for a network of researchers, workshops for data analysis, and new privacy preserving approaches like OpenDP.

The key outputs from these activities include privacy-preserving access to data-repositories; models and tools; and trained personnel in response agencies at regional hubs. Evidence for the impact of these approaches can be found in papers by our team: Covid-19, Bangladesh, and Taiwan.

The key outcomes from these outputs include a global Community of Practice of researchers and responders that advance the application of these analyses in public health response; improved forecasting and decision-making at local institutions. Key evidence of the impact of these NETWORK approaches can be found here: Covid-19, Data translators, and a use case from Syracuse, NY.

California Wildfires Project

Predicting and responding to dynamic health-system demands in the context of the CA wildfires and PSPS events.




Engaging a community of collaborators in academia, industry, and government to build trustworthy, open-source software tools for privacy-protective statistical analysis of sensitive personal data.


Disaster Mobility Data Network

Mobility data can play a vital role in all aspects of emergency management, from building resilient infrastructure and transport systems, to measuring rates and directions of evacuation, to assisting with targeted, timely, and effective recovery efforts.


Safe, Responsible, Fair and Equitable use of Human Mobility Data

The CrisisReady team hosted a series of seminars in March and April 2020 to build consensus around key technical, ethical and policy issues…

Data Policy

COVID-19 Mobility Data Network


A network of infectious disease epidemiologists at universities around the world working with technology companies to use aggregated mobility data to support the COVID-19 response.

Mobility Data

Rapid Response Grants

CrisisReady supports and sustains the practical engagement of academic researchers in response to disasters and public health emergencies by providing small, fast-tracked grants which enable academics to devote focused time and attention to key problems in data, methods, and translational readiness.


Nowcasting Population Displacement During US Hurricanes

The combination of human mobility data with other datasets can allow a better understanding of unprecedented situations, such as the behavior of populations affected by multiple simultaneous disasters.


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