Published in The United Nations University
November 15, 2023 by Stefaan Verhulst, Andrew Schroeder, William Hoffman

Unlocking Data’s Potential: The Urgent Need for a Mutual Commitment Framework in Data Collaboratives

Data holds immense potential in addressing global crises, but the key to unlocking this value lies in responsible data sharing and collaboration. Data collaboratives are crucial for this, yet they face significant setup delays and operational challenges. This hampers our ability to respond quickly and effectively in emergencies.

Today’s data collaboratives struggle with issues like data use agreements, technical infrastructure, and a lack of clear methodologies. Additionally, organizations often lack the operational protocols to efficiently implement these collaboratives. However, emerging regulations like the EU Data Governance Act and the Data Act are paving the way for more standardized and effective data collaboration.

A new working paper proposes a Mutual Commitment Framework (MCF) to address these challenges. This framework, established before a crisis, can streamline the formation of data collaboratives, define duties of care, and foster trust and clarity among participants. By setting pre-defined boundaries for data sharing, the MCF aims to reduce risks and encourage cooperation.

Read the full working paper on how the MCF can accelerate the effectiveness of data collaboratives and enhance our crisis response capabilities: Download the Working Paper.

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