November 2, 2023

CrisisReady is excited to share our 2023 annual report!

The report offers a comprehensive look at our impact, showcasing CrisisReady’s research initiatives, reporting efforts, and events from the past year, all of which contribute to advancing emergency response on a global scale.

Over the past year, CrisisReady has launched the ReadyMapper platform, which has allowed us to produce over 90 situation reports for 23 global disasters. We also introduced Climateverse, which aims to improve data usage for climate research.

Our five regional workshops have broadened our international network of collaborators, and our events have engaged well over 500 participants worldwide, underscoring our commitment to global emergency response and preparedness.

A Look at Our Impact

Our team has seen significant expansion in our scope of work, programming, and international network. In doing so, we also broadened our knowledge about the intricate challenges of emergency response in a world grappling with the effects of climate change, widespread disease outbreaks, armed conflicts, and forced displacement.


Emergency Situation
Reports Generated


Global Disasters
Reported On


Regional Workshops
Hosted Around the World


New Research
Initiatives Launched

Our team’s commitment, coupled with the essential partnerships we’ve formed, has allowed our work to support emergency response operations worldwide. From wildfires in California to hurricanes on the United States’ Gulf Coast, and from earthquakes in Turkey and Syria to severe flooding in Libya, CrisisReady has been able to share crucial data when it matters most, supporting operations and enhancing our collective understanding of how data can be used to improve emergency preparedness, response, and recovery models.

ReadyReport Timeline

Featured Work from 2023


ReadyMapper, our real-time tool tracking disaster perimeters, population movements, baseline community vulnerabilities, and health infrastructure, has been used in over two dozen events and proved invaluable in data-scarce regions. Soon, it will be publicly available for a wider array of disasters.


Over the last year, we’ve issued 90+ “ReadyReports” across 23 disasters, supported by our ReadyMapper platform. These reports, rapidly delivered to various agencies and response teams, can now be generated within 24 hours of a global disaster event.


Climateverse is a growing repository of curated, cleaned, and annotated datasets for research and policy making in the context of climate change and human health. Users can access data from the repository using an AI chatbot that offers insights into data provenance, relevance, uncertainty, bias, and potential use cases.

Featured Events & Workshops

Data in Crises

The “Data in Crises” event series run by CrisisReady is a collaborative initiative where global emergency response experts come together to share field experiences and insights. These events examine the challenges and opportunities within the field of emergency preparedness, response, and recovery, with a specific focus on the use of data and emerging technologies.

Events Featured in Report:

  • Responding to Hurricane Fiona (September 2022)
  • Preparing for Climate Migration in South Asia (December 2022)
  • Responding to the Earthquakes in Turkey & Syria (March 2023)

Regional Workshops

Complementing the “Data in Crises” event series are CrisisReady’s regional workshops, designed to bolster local and regional disaster response capabilities. These workshops are tailored to meet the unique challenges presented by each location.

Workshops Featured in Report:

  • Supporting Response in Colombia With Innovative Data Tools (August 2022)
  • The Potential of Novel Data During Public Health Crises in Taiwan (August 2022)
  • Leveraging Mobility Data for Crisis Response in Thailand (February 2023)
  • Improving Response Capacities With Data in Central America (March 2023)
  • Strengthening Brazil’s Approach to Internal Displacement (April 2023)

Discover More in the 2023 Annual Report

For full details on CrisisReady’s research, reports, events, and workshops, view or download the full 2023 annual report using the links below.

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